Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Engineering (GAU)

EUSS MotorSport 2019

This degree will train you as an engineering professional that will contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies in the automotive sector with an integral and holistic vision. You will have the ability to operate throughout the value chain, especially in the areas of design, development, manufacturing and distribution logistics, and you will be able to collaborate both in a big automobile manufacturer and in the associated auxiliary industry, so that you will contribute to successfully achieving the main future challenges of this industry: the digitalization or also called Industry 4.0, vehicles with alternative energy sources, the connected vehicle and self-driving car.


At the Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià we will accompany you on the path of becoming an engineer with our Engineering by Doing style, a style based on competency based learning that is applied by giving a prominent weight to active activities, especially the realization of integrated projects team and to the practical in-company training.


Career opportunities:


  • Develop and direct design and system integration projects in manufacturers of the automotive and vehicles sector in general, automobile auxiliary industry and vehicle competitions.
  • Develop and manage manufacturing, logistics, test, quality control and maintenance projects in manufacturers of the automotive and vehicles sector in general, and automobile auxiliary industry.
  • Direct the production, quality control and logistics of a production plant of vehicles and components.
  • Develop consultancy in automotive engineering projects.


GAU | Syllabus

  • Name: Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Engineering.
  • Diploma: Graduate in Automotive Engineering.
  • Duration: 4 years / 240 ECTS.
  • Specializations: Vehicle Design, Vehicle Manufactoring or Motorsport. Specializations are learning tracks included in the diploma. In order to obtain one, a minimum of 30 credits belonging to the chosen track must be taken.

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