Whether if you are a student of EUSS as if you want to come to stay with us, this is your section. You will find our agreements with other institutions around the world to do a exchange programme.

OUT Mobility

A world of opportunities for you!

The EUSS participates in numerous international mobility programs for students, teachers and administrative staff. You can choose from a wide range of possibilities, depending on the country and the type of stay you wish to make.

The EUSS, as centre in association with the UAB, has access to most international exchange programs offered by it. In addition, the EUSS has several own international agreements. The programs are grouped by type of personnel to whom it is addressed:

  1. For students:
  • Take courses
  • Develop the Final Project
  • Do an internship in a company
  • Volunteering – NGOs
  1. For Teaching and Research Staff (PDI):
  • Teaching experience at other universities
  • Perform coordination work
  • Research stays
  • Attend training courses – congresses
  1. For Administration and Services Staff (PAS):
  • Attend training courses


Further information:

Dra. Montserrat Cortina / Dr. Jordi Cruz
International Relations

IN Mobility


The EUSS participates in various mobility and exchange programs around the world, especially in Europe, America and Asia.

  • As a centre associated to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), the EUSS takes part in most of the exchange programs offered by the former (Further information).
  • In addition, the EUSS has signed different bilateral agreements with institutions around the world. We have a number of particular exchange programs.