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Our offer in bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and postgraduates courses revolves around industrial engineering branch.


FAVOURABLE Accreditation by AQU (2501133-70106-17).


Our programmes


In the Salesian University School of Sarrià you will find different study programmes related to the industrial branch.

If you enter the university for the first time, you have at your disposal 5 bachelor's degrees in engineering and a double bachelor's degree.

If you are a student from outside of Catalonia and you are interested in joining a mobility programme, check the Mobility option on our menu.


Bachelor's degrees:





Double bachelor's degrees


Double bachelor's degrees allow the student to obtain simultaneously two undergraduate degrees. Thus, we have developed a study itinerary so that in approximately five courses (331 ECTS credits) the student can obtain two diplomas: Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor's Degree in Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering.

There is also the possibility of starting a degree and, subsequently, carry out simultaneous studies with another of our degrees. Your tutor will guide you in the most appropriate itinerary to get both diplomas.

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