Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering aims to equip its students to solve engineering challenges in the areas of production, manufacturing and design. Graduates are able to design the best product, to choose appropriate materials for each industrial application and to plan how the product is manufactured.

FAVOURABLE Accreditation by AQU (2500896-70106-17).


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (GME)

Grau Enginyeria Mecànica

The work of a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering is mainly focused on manufacture in the industrial field (machinery, structures, and parts for the automotive sector ...). The main aspects taken into account consist in creating a design that solves the existing problems by knowing and selecting optimal materials, manufacturing planning and product quality control, while considering the environmental impact. Advanced simulation tools such as: 3D computer-aided design, numerical simulation and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) assist the whole process.


The Graduate in Mechanical Engineering considers all key aspects concerning the product design requirements, deformation, and durability and environmental sustainability. Mechanical engineering also centres into the most suitable material selection to meet budgetary, functional, durability and sustainability requirements.


Finally, in the manufacturing process of the product, mechanical engineers consider all the extant options, from the most common processes (subtractive manufacturing, molding ...) to the most current and innovative additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing) within the context of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.


The Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering includes the attributions of the Industrial Technical Engineer.


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GME | Syllabus

  • Name: Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma: Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Duration: 4 years / 240 ECTS.
  • Specializations: Industrial Processes / Integral Design. Specializations are learning tracks included in the diploma. In order to obtain one, a minimum of 30 credits belonging to the chosen track must be taken.

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