Departament of Student

The Department of the Student of the EUSS has the following functions:

  • Promote and manage volunteer activities of the students.
  • Attend to the inequities of the student body, responding to problems of socio-economic, cultural or special educational needs.
  • Coordinate the accompaniment to the students in the first two courses of his university stage.
  • Convene and resolve on behalf of the “Committee on School Aid” scholarships to the “Private Foundation Rinaldi”.
  • Direct and supervise the fulfilment of the obligations of university scholarships.
  • Receive proposals for improvement and initiate the procedures necessary to implement them if necessary or derive them to the responsible as appropriate.
  • Share by different social networks information of interest to students.
  • Collect complaints of students and give a response to the same.
  • Mediating in the possible conflicts that may arise between students and other members of the community of the EUSS.
  • Any other functions assigned to expressly by the director of the center or the head of studies.


Services that depend on the student's department:

Contact the Department of Student

Department of Student
Academic area

Head of the area: Victor Gallardo

Head of department: Iria Fraga
    by appointment

   First floor "Edifici Tècnic"

Phone: +34 935039152
Internal extension: 2538