Service of professional orientation and insertion

It offers students and alumni advice for the development of their professional and personal careers through different actions such as group and individual guidance, dissemination of job and internship offers, external academic internships in companies and the job placement study, which provide them with tools, skills, strategies, resources and knowledge.


Professional guidance

A set of actions aimed at enabling students to achieve and use tools, strategies, skills and knowledge to plan and implement their professional and personal development.


Concrete actions:

Job offers and internships

Management and dissemination of job offers and internships

  • If, as a company, you wish to advertise your vacancies, you must register in the SOIP application and enter the offer you have available.

  • If, as a student or as an alumni, you wish to access the offers that are being advertised, you must register in the SOIP application.

Engineering by Doing

It allows students to experience the reality of work with a foray into the world of business, while developing a vision of results orientation, continuous improvement and continuous learning, a sense of ethics and teamwork, leadership, communication in English, and time management and planning, while expanding applied knowledge of specific technologies in their area of engineering.

Contact with University-Business

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