Graduate placement and satisfaction

The University-Corporate and Teaching Innovation Area is responsible to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of our graduates with the learning outcomes, their transition to work market as well as the opinion of the companies where they work.


Job placement study - EUSS


The EUSS publishes an annual Job Placement Report in which graduates from five years ago are surveyed. This study collects job placement and satisfaction data and is complemented and validated by the results published by AQU every three years.


The latest version of the report (2021) surveys graduates in the 2014-2015 academic year and shows very satisfactory results, although the surveys were carried out during the period January-March 2021 marked by the COVID-19 health crisis. 


Graduate placement study - AQU

Estudi d'inserció laboral als titulats i les titulades de les universitats catalanes


The AQU periodically publishes the study on graduate placement of higher education graduates in Catalonia.


In its latest edition (7th edition of the study), published in 2020, the EUSS obtained a leading position in the field of industrial technologies. The study involved public universities, private universities and 37 affiliated centres.


In this edition, 17,500 graduates from the 2015-2016 academic year were surveyed.


Executive summary job placement report - AQU

Executive summary satisfaction study - AQU