If you're a student, teacher, researcher or administration and services staff of other institutions adhering to the European project EDUROAM, EUSS EDUROAM offers wireless network so that you have Internet access with your personal identification of origin.


EUSS Eduroam

What is 'eduroam'?

Eduroam is an initiative of TERENA that facilitates the mobility of researchers and European students, offering 'wifi' connectivity in their trips to the rest of the institutions that are affiliated. In this way, users of the institutions participating in Eduroam have access to the Internet through the wireless networks of the other participating institutions.

The connection of a user in the wireless network of the visited institution (as long as it participates in Eduroam) is similar to the connection in the wireless network of the user's own institution of origin: the necessary username and password to authenticate they are the same as those that are used to the institution of origin, and the only difference may be the method of access to the network.

The EUSS participates in the Eduroam project, giving access to its own users and users of other participating institutions also Eduroam, through the coordination of the CSUC (Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya), which performs the technical and administrative liaison between the different institutions participating in the project in Catalonia.

The CSUC in turn is coordinated with RedIris at nationally level and with Géant at European level.

Access method

From the different possible authentication methods in the Eduroam network, the EUSS has decided to launch the 802.1x.

The 802.1x is one of the most secure authentication standards by which a client software is needed in order to establish the authentication session.

According to TERENA, the most convenient method is precisely this protocol, since it ensures that only authenticated users can access network resources.

802.1X acces VPN enabled Contacto
SSID: eduroam
Cipher: WPA/TKIP
Yes eduroam [at]

Regulation of access to the wireless network of the EUSS

The use of the school's wireless network implies acceptance of the EUSS Wireless Network Access Regulations and the EUSS Computer Resources Security Regulations.

You can download a copy of each of the regulations in the related documents section (only in catalan).

How is it accessed?


  • 1. If you are a member of the EUSS (ex. students in mobility)
  • In order to access the EUSS Wireless Access Service, validation is required with the user and password credentials already owned by EUSS.
  • That way you have to add the domain @ or @ in order to identify us successfully in the eduroam world hierarchy.
  • Validation:

2 If you are not a member of the EUSS (visitors) but an institution associated with EDUROAM

  • If you already have your device configured to eduroam with your institution simply connect to the eduroam network and you will already have access
  • If you do not have the device configured you must follow the configuration instructions of your institution of origin.



In order to access the EDUROAM wireless network as an EUSS user you must install the configurator on your device. You will find the download link with the instructions at the end of this page.

Map of access points

The entire school has wifi coverage for eduroam.


TCP/IP enabled ports

  • SSH: TCP/22 output only

  • HTTP: TCP/80 output only

  • HTTPS: TCP/443 output only

  • Standard IPSec VPN: Protocols IP 50 (ESP) y 51 (AH), input and output; UDP/500 (IKE) output only

  • OpenVPN 2.0: ports UDP/1194 and TCP/1194

  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: protocol IP 41 input and output

  • IPsec NAT-Traversal: port UDP/4500

  • Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP: port TCP/10000 output only

  • PPTP VPN: Protocol IP 47 (GRE) input and output; TCP/1723 output only

  • IMAP2+4: TCP/143 output only

  • IMAP3: TCP/220 output only

  • IMAPS: TCP/993 output only

  • POP: TCP/110 output only

  • POP3S: TCP/995 output only

  • SMTPS: TCP/465 output only

  • SMTP amb STARTTLS: TCP/587 output only

  • Passive (S)FTP: TCP/21 output only

  • RDP: TCP/3389 output only

Eduroam user support

Departament of  Information and Comunications Tecnologies (TIC)

Office SE-11

First floor

EUSS building


Phone: +34 935039140

Internal extension: 2513