Institutional identity

EUSS is an engineering school with its own identity arising from the initiative to create a higher education center with the Salesian style of education.


Mission, vision and values



Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià (EUSS), promoted and supported by the Rinaldi Foundation, is a higher education centre that offers engineering studies, preferably in the industrial field.


Through teaching, research and training, EUSS promotes the personal development of young people, and the enrichment of the industrial and cultural fabric of our country, thus contributing to build a fairer and more united world.


Teachers, students, together with the administrative and service staff form an academic community that shares the style of coexistence and interpersonal relationships the Salesian charism is so well known for.




EUSS aims to achieve wide academic and social recognition in the Catalan area of industrial engineering, through the transmission of knowledge and the development of the competencies and skills required for the different specialties.




  • Our Identity

1. We understand freedom, justice, solidarity, tolerance, peace, and sustainability as fundamental values in our school.

2.We embrace Don Bosco’s educational system, based on the trinomial of Esteem, Thought, and Transcendence, together with the network of quality personal relationships. All this generates an atmosphere of proximity that encourages young people’s comprehensive personal development.

3.We are constantly available along the students’ formative process by offering them both dialogue, and active presence.

4.We promote dialogue between technology and humanism, and between culture and faith in the academic environment.


  • Our teaching-learning approach

5.We give personalised attention to each of our students.

6.We encourage initiative and research.

7.We place special emphasis on the practical side of study.

8.We are constantly seeking the most appropriate teaching methods for our courses.

9.We pay close attention to the quality and suitability of our facilities and technical equipment.

10.We promote the use of information and communication technologies in the educational and technological fields.


  •  Our university environment

11.We integrate teaching and research in the curricular development of both students and teachers.

12.We offer society the results of our work, our study, and our research.

13.We collaborate with companies, social actors, as well as other university centres.

14.We systematically evaluate, and update our university project.

15.We foster the continuous training of every member of our academic community. At the same time, we promote programs aimed at our society, and also the business world.


  • Our target group

16. We opt for a close, participative, transparent, high-quality style in the management and the school services.

17. We are alert to the specific emerging values of the younger generations.

18. We approach study as responsible work in preparation for professional practice.

19. We encourage our students to actively, responsibly, and committedly participate in different activities and forms of association, both inside and outside our school.

20. We favour our students' labour market integration, together with international mobility while encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit.

21. We adapt our training offer to people already in the working world.


Institutional Project

EUSS as an institution of Higher Education has developed its Institutional Project, a document that specifies how Salesian identity is contextualized in the socio-economic reality of our environment within the Catalan University Space. The Institutional Project fully guides the institution and has as fundamental parts mission, vision, values, priority academic and scientific fields, educational model, social responsibility, quality policy and quality system,


The development and specific application of the Institutional Project is carried out through the following instruments and procedures that ensure the orientation, direction, management and operation in accordance with the institutional identity: Strategic Plan, Operational Plan, Organizational Structure and Regulatory Corpus.

Framework documents

EUSS is a member of Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS) and has developed its Institutional Project based on the following pillars or framework documents: