Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning (ABP) is the main teaching-learning methodology in our Engineering by doing style. It consists of a team of students that autonomously, and accompanied by a professor, acquires knowledge, abilities and attitudes realizing a real project of the engineering world.


The purpose is for students to be able to analyse and face problems in the same way they will do when they exercise their profession in the near future, that is, valuating and integrating new knowledge that will lead them to acquire new professional skills.


In the learning path between the problem arises until the solution is developed, students must diagnose their own learning needs, and with the guidance of the teacher, they must seek, understand, integrate and apply basic concepts, from one or several subjects, to solve a real problem. This methodology attaches great importance to collaborative work within a team, and commits the student to their learning process.


At EUSS we use this methodology in a large part of the subjects, and in some cases in an integrated way between several subjects, that is, students carry out a project that integrates the competences of several subjects.