Description research

The research is focused on the development of technologies for energy harvesting   and its application to engineering,   biocompatible materials  are used,  basically in the form of carbon nanostructures, metal oxides and polymers. Nowadays, a flexible structure for supercapacitors are been developed for energy storage applications.


Current projects 


  • “Nuevo diseño de supercondensadores para sistemas de almacenamiento eléctrico en energías renovables”,  Fundación Ramon Areces - CIVP20S11480 (pendiente de resolución).


Researcher EUSS

Dr. Llorenç Servera

Dr. Josep María Ruíz

Recent publications

  • Carbon nanocomposite electrodes for electrical double layer capacitor”, A.Daraghmeh, S. Hussain, A.U. Haq, I. Saadeddin, Ll. Servera, J.M. Ruíz, Journal of Energy Storage, 32, 101798 (2020)
  • “Impact of binder concentration and pressure on performance of symmetric CNFs based supercapacitors”, A.Daraghmeh, S.Hussain, L. Servera, E. Xuriguera, A. Cornet, A. Cirera, Electrochimica Acta, Volume, 245, 531-538 (2017)
  • “Flexible supercapacitors based on low-cost tape casting of high dense carbon nanofibers”, A. Daraghmeh, S. Hussain, Ll. Servera, E. Xuriguera, A. Cornet, A. Cirera, Material Research Express, 4(2) (2017)
  • “Towards flexible and wearable supercapacitors: a hierarchical approach in material design”, A. Batlle, Ll. Servera, A. Varea, A. Cirera, Advanced Materials Letters (2017)
  • “A study of carbon nanofibers and active carbon as symmetric supercapacitor in aqueous electrolyte: a comparative study”, A. Daraghmeh, S. Hussain, L. Saadeddin, Ll. Servera, E. Xuriguera, A. Cornet, A. Cirera, Nanoscale Research Letters (2017)


Main collaboration


  • Grup CEMIC de la facultat de físiques de la Universitat de Barcelona

          Dr. Albert Cirera (CEMIC)

  • Grup de materials avançats per l’energia del Institut per la Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC

         Prof Dr Joan Ramon Morante, Ji Chen