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The active role of citizens and their direct involvement is essential to address climate change and other human actions harming the environment on land, air and sea. EUSS is committed with this idea, and has recently launched a European Project H2020 proposal towards:


Fostering green youth activism: innovative education through new paradigms and narratives towards Sustainable Competences development


To promote this objective, the project aims to generate practical knowledge to incorporate alternative paradigms in educational practices, in order to enhance key competencies that are effectively oriented towards sustainability. This will be pursued through the following specific objectives:

  • Create and disseminate innovative educational practices to foster competences that involve a greater and more effective commitment to sustainable development and actions addressing climate change
  • Foster participation and capacities strengthening of young people and educators to implement innovative initiatives for climate action including transformative paradigms and strategies

EUSS will lead one of the Work Packages, directed to achieve the general objectives of the project at the University level.


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"Fostering green youth activism: innovative education through new paradigms and narratives towards sustainable competences development", H2020 Green Call, Febrer 2021


Researchers EUSS


Coordination: Dr. Elena Bartolomé, Sr Joan Yebras


Participants: Andreu Moreno, Miquel Àngel Amer, Salvador Bernadás, Víctor Gallardo, Jordi Cruz, Keivan Amirbagheri, Dra. Jessica Paris, Dr. Roberto Arjones, Dr. Jose María Ruíz, Dr. Llorenç Servera, Dr. Àngel Borrell, Dr. Carlos Ortega, Sr. Carlos Pellitero, Dr. Ulises Diego, Dr. Víctor Martínez, Dra. Íria Fraga, Dr. Carlos Luque, Dr. Ignasi Florensa, Dr. Pablo Sevilla, Dr. Arash Arjomendi, Dr. Francesc Arrando, Sra. Marta Jové, Dra. María Pilar Curós 







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  • Work in progress




The project has been prepared in a collaboration between 6 European Partners

  • (Coordination) Misiones Salesianas (MS), Espanya
  • EUSS School of Engineering, Espanya
  • Don Bosco Youth Net (DBYN), Bèlgica
  • Volontoriato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo Associazione (VIS), Itàlia
  • ONGAWA, Espanya
  • Istituto Superiore Internazionale Salesiano di Ricerca Educativa (ISRE), Itàlia